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I'm going to be honest; I am not the happiest person to walk on this planet. Frankly, if I ever meet the person, I'm going to avoid them because they'll probably be annoying as hell. I'm far from being considered EMO, however. I don't see the glass as "half empty" or "half full". I actually hate that saying. I know what the saying means, but my response to it is that both ways, you still have the same amount of liquid in you're cup. Pretty much, what I am saying by this is that there are good and bad parts to life.

Suck. It. Up.

Don't just see everything as horrible. There are good things to life that you need to embrace. If you look at everything as bad, you won't get anywhere in life. You're just going to be a depressing mope that no one really wants to talk to.

Seeing everything as bright? Glass is half full? That is just going to make you naive to the horrors of reality. There ARE bad things in life that you have to be aware of and feel down about. If not, when something bad does occur, you are just going to be a wreck.

Yup, I meant all that just by saying, "It's the same amount of liquid in the cup, though." Awesomeness!


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If you have spare points and would like to donate them to me, I thank you very much!

I love music. I am not into JB, One Direction, or Cody Simpson, or any singers that are a lot like that. I am more into Evanescence and Linkin Park songs (I blame my friend for getting me into LP). If you have any music that is similar to their styles, I would love to hear them! Just leave it on my profile comments please!

I also like vocaloids! Have any favorites, link me those too!

Why am I putting all this stuff about me on my account? Well, for starters, I've been making a lot of RP accounts. So I am just getting used to spamming the profile with information. Two, I kind of hope that people who do not like people that think / like things that I do will not accidentally come onto my account, liking my pictures, then try talking to me and we end up fighting. I'm hoping telling you guys stuff about me now will help me avoid those problems.

I also just like to chat to some people when I am bored XD So if we have similar interests, then great!

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Hello, welcome to ~ForgottenPrays666 Profile!
United States

You can call me either Prays (due to my account) or Ali (my real life nickname). I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am also half Chinese and half Spanish, so please refrain from any stereotypical, harsh jokes. I also have a lot of black, white, blonde, Jewish, etc., friends and family members. If you mean it in a goofy, silly way, then sure. However, if you are saying it in a way to put someone down, then I will say something.

I use a lot of coding on my accounts. If you need help or would like to know any, I'd be happy to tell you. I don't know all of them though, so sorry if I do not know the one you are looking for.

Be Warned: I do have rules for a reason on there. So please read them. Also, if you are a main account, I will still RP with you. I don't mind RPing with Main Accounts. Lastly and probably most importantly ; I am always more active on the latest / last few accounts on the list above. The first few are practically dead. So if you really want to RP, pick on of the more latest ones.

I do have a sister on here. Anyone acts like a bitch to her, expect another bitch on your butt. Yeah, I can bitch and I do act like one sometimes / when I want to be. I'm not scared to admit that and frankly proud.

I also have made a lot of friends on here. Not just on this account, but all my other ones as well. If anyone is rude or an ass to them, you will hear from me. If you are watching me, you will be blocked from my account as well. If you are willing to act rude to one person for no real reason, then I want nothing to do with you. I know I may sound rude and mean saying this myself, but I am just bluntly stating the truth as it is.

I would like to thank my real life friend, imagineJL842 for the webcam. It's supposed to be Bob with a trollface! x3

Who is Bob? Bob is pretty much my "imaginary friend" that I made up one day just to mess with my younger brother. He is a psycho chain killer that has no real form...normally seen though as a stick figure with a baggy shirt, knife in hand, and a mustache! Yes, my mind is screwed up. I am fully aware of this, thank you.

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